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Your EDM shared their TOP 40 ARTISTS TO WATCH IN 2020

Your EDM has highlighted 160 artists, worthy of paying attention to and keeping an eye on them. 

As a result, we have a pretty interesting list of artists to watch in 2020. 

What is even more interesting? Is that this list is full of female names and a lot of them gained a big number of votes this year in TOP100DJANES poll. 

"LP Giobbi, Lucii, Vampa, Blossom, VNSSA, Lucille Croft, JVNA, KENDOLL, VVN, JEANIE and Nostalgix are all heavily championing women in dance music, and doing so with an attitude and authenticity that are netting them devoted legions of fans", Your EDM mentioned. 

Find the full list of artists and read the article here: