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Gaby Bau presents her new single 'Cotard'

Defying the rules with style and extravagance, Gaby Bau breaks the barrier of aggressive genres, while she moves in a very genuine way within the Mexican music scene, ready to position herself as a worthy representative of her country.

Navigating without limits between Dubstep, Hard Dance and Psy, with the only rule of always immersing the listener in a universe of fantasy and reality by telling a story made of stunning audiovisual elements.

Distinguished for an incredible performance, she drops a grenade on his audience members imprinting herself in their minds.

Gaby Bau presents her new single, 'Cotard'.

Made up of darkness and fascination, this song encompasses an intense range of textures and essences, which combined with an accelerated rhythm create a perfect piece that takes the listener on an unchained audiovisual travel.